Carver County, Minnesota

Carver County is beginning the process of updating its comprehensive plan.  The comprehensive plan is a long range 20 year plan which sets the framework for physical development in the County.  The comprehensive plan includes sections regarding land use, transportation, water resources, and park & trails.  Every ten years the comprehensive plan is revisited to incorporate any changes or updates which are needed. 

The 2040 comprehensive plan update process is guided by Thrive MSP 2040 created by the Metropolitan Council.  Thrive provides a framework for a shared vision for the future of the Twin Cities metro region by establishing the policy foundation used by the Metropolitan Council in developing its regional systems and policy plans.

In order to create the best update which fits the needs of the community, it is important that Carver County receives input from its residents.  This questionnaire will help Carver County staff gauge what areas may need the most attention in the comprehensive plan.

* 2. Overall, how would you rate the following in Carver County?

  Excellent Good Fair Poor Undecided
As a Place to Live
As a Place to Work
As a Place for Recreation/Pleasure Activities
As a Place to Raise a Family
As a Place to Grow Old
Overall Quality of Life

* 3. Please rate the following as they relate to Carver County overall:

  Excellent Good Fair Poor Not Applicable or Unsure
Variety of Recreational Choices (Parks)
Home Affordability
Ease of Car Travel
Public Transportation Options
Pedestrian Safety and Walkability
Bicycling Facilities (i.e. Trails)
Quality of Natural Environment (Green Spaces, Water)
Mix of Urban and Rural Feel