Review panel releases final report

The 457 integrity review panel in September 2014 released its final report, 'Robust new foundations: A streamlined, transparent and responsive system for the 457 programme'.

The report contained 22 areas of recommendation for changes to the current system, for some of which the Federal Government has signalled early support although is yet to formally adopt any of the recommendations.

Many of the recommendations pick up in whole or in part the recommendations made in AMMA's comprehensive submission to the review.

We are interested in your views, as a valued AMMA member, on which of the review panel recommendations you support, whether you believe the panel could have gone further in some areas, and what further changes you would like to see that were not recommended by the review panel.

This is a comprehensive survey across a range of areas including labour market testing and analysis; occupations lists; market salary rates; income thresholds; training benchmarks; English language requirements; skills assessments; sponsorship obligations; employment rights; labour agreements and more.

Please don't feel that you need to answer every question in the survey unless you wish to. Please just choose those parts that are most relevant to your organisation as any feedback you can give us will be invaluable, particularly in the comment fields.