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Declaration of the Community-Based Seniors’ Services Sector in B.C.

As representatives from the federal, provincial and municipal governments, leaders from the Community-Based Seniors’ Services sector, leaders from community foundations, and allies of the sector, we recognize the important role played by the many programs and services offered by municipal governments and not-for-profit organizations to the overall health, well-being and quality of life of the older citizens of this Province (

At the same time, we acknowledge that the capacity of the Community-Based Seniors’ Services sector to deliver programs and services will need to be enhanced if, as a province, we are to maximize the potential for older adults to have the choice to “age in place” and remain in their own homes and communities for as long as possible. We also acknowledge that this will require closer collaboration between the not-for-profit organizations, municipalities, and the provincial health system.

We therefore call on all those involved in the Community-Based Seniors’ Services sector – as funders, policy makers, decision makers, seniors, families, friends, caregivers, service providers, organizations, leaders, and volunteers – to sign on to this Declaration to ensure that:

Community-Based Seniors’ Services are formally recognized as a sector that plays an essential role in supporting seniors’ independence, resilience and social connectedness.

The definition of the Community-Based Seniors’ Services (or CBSS) sector includes all municipal and not-for-profit organizations that provide services and programming for older adults at the local level -- at community centres, single-and multi-service agencies, seniors’ centres, community coalitions and neighbourhood houses -- throughout our province.

The seven core programs and services offered by the Sector reflects the diversity of British Columbia’s geography and seniors’ population and includes: Nutritional Supports; Wellness Programs; Physical Activity; Recreation, Education and Arts Programming; Information and Referral; Transportation; and Affordable Housing.

This Declaration is intended as a demonstration of our commitment to the seniors of British Columbia and to ensure that Community-Based Seniors’ Services are a priority for all stakeholders who serve the people of British Columbia.

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