The GTMRx Evidence-Based Resources Subgroup is working to identify and showcase those who are practicing comprehensive medication management (CMM) across the country to better characterize where CMM is occurring and provide better resources for emerging and existing CMM practices. Creation of this registry will enable GTMRx to further CMM implementation and better achieve payment and policy reform for CMM. 

If you enlist on this registry, you are agreeing that the CMM practice site you currently work at delivers comprehensive medication management: “A systematic approach to medications where physicians and pharmacists ensure that medications (whether they are prescription, nonprescription, alternative, traditional, vitamins or nutritional supplements) are individually assessed to determine that each medication is appropriate for the patient, effective for the medical condition, safe given the comorbidities and other medications being taken and able to be taken by the patient as intended.”

**Oftentimes CMM is confused with other medication optimization services. This could include, but is not limited to, medication therapy management (MTM), disease-state management or medication review during a transition of care. CMM is comprehensive (not siloed), whole person-centered (not medication-centered) and each medication is individualized to garner the best clinical outcome for that individual.

Thank you for enlisting in the National Registry of CMM Practices© by the GTMRx Institute!

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