Children’s Books Ireland and our partners are delighted to offer multiple opportunities for schools to apply to receive excellent new books and artist visits to encourage their students’ love of reading.
This application form is for a number of school book-gifting projects, and we will match successful schools to the most suitable prize.

Please note:
  • This application form must be completed by school staff only
  • Please ensure that only one application per school is submitted
  • There will not be an option to save partially completed application forms; we advise schools to write their longer answers elsewhere and copy and paste them in
  • All schools will be considered for each project that they are eligible for
  • This is not a cash prize, but a gift of books and resources
  • If your school has already been in receipt of an Every Child a Reader / Robert Dunbar Memorial Library / Everyone a Reader library from Children’s Books Ireland unfortunately you are not eligible to apply again; we welcome applications from previously unsuccessful applicants
  • Certain questions are asked for demographic purposes only
  • Information gathered in this survey will help inform the development of our programmes and advocacy work, and will only be used anonymously unless we have your explicit consent otherwise
  • Children’s Books Ireland is committed to treating your data sensitively in line with with GDPR requirements. To see our privacy policy, please click here
Applications close on Friday 30th June, 2023 at 5pm, and we anticipate informing winning schools on each of the different projects by the end of October 2023.
If you have any questions, please email
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