The Childhood Bereavement Changemaker Initiative is an evaluation capacity building program that was developed by Judi’s House/JAG Institute in partnership with the New York Life Foundation to support agencies in understanding and using data to strengthen services for bereaved children and families.
The Childhood Bereavement Changemaker (CBC) initiative allows participating organizations access to a unique, sequenced, evaluation training model. The model includes interactive workshops, expert consultation, program evaluation resources and templates, and peer networking. After fully engaging in this learning process, organizations will be equipped with data to inform planning, influence change, increase funding, and enhance overall impact—ultimately ensuring bereaved children in their community have the care they need.

Selected Childhood Bereavement Changemakers (Changemakers) will participate in a series of four two-hour workshops in preparation for completing capacity building activities and templates. Between workshops, Changemakers will participate in group and individual technical assistance sessions with the Judi’s House/JAG team to support these activities. A Readiness Assessment will estimate each interested applicant’s current evaluation capacity. Changemakers will become part of our extended alumni network. This network of partners and collaborators supports organizations tackling similar obstacles to create a broad learning community dedicated to elevating evaluation practice and data utilization in the field. Offered at no cost to participants, the initiative provides selected Changemakers unparalleled support and continuing education credits where applicable.
Selected Changemakers will receive:
  • Access to and support utilizing the CBC Program Evaluation Online Workbook of resources and templates to support best-practice evaluation implementation
  • Collaboration with the experienced Judi’s House/JAG Institute Team of evaluation researchers
  • Access to Judi’s House/JAG Institute resources and networks
  • Meeting coordination and forum for Changemaker Learning Community
  • Four Evaluation Workshops
  • Four group assistance sessions
  • Hands-on learning through individual assistance sessions
  • Practical recommendations
  • Connection and engagement with local and national partners in the childhood bereavement field
  • Identification as a partner in the Childhood Bereavement Changemaker Initiative
Judi’s House/JAG anticipates engaging one Changemaker Cohort each year. Cohort engagement will be as follows:
  • April 2024-March 2025
  • March 2025-February 2026
  • March 2026-February 2027
  • March 2027-February 2028
Judi’s House/JAG will post a Changemaker Request for Proposal (RFP) each year in November for organizations interested in participating in the following year’s March cohort start.

In addition to the CBC Initiative, Judi’s House/JAG Institute offers a series of free evaluation trainings in partnership with the National Alliance for Children’s Grief (NACG). These trainings are an alternative resource for organizations who cannot dedicate sufficient time to the year-long CBC Initiative. The evaluation training series is a great way to begin building evaluation capacity.

IMPORTANT: This RFP is for the April 2024—March 2025 Childhood Bereavement Changemaker cohort. Organizations committed to growing their evaluation capacity to elevate childhood bereavement with the necessary time and resources to dedicate to the CBC process should review the entire RFP and submit a completed application online* no later than 5 pm MDT on Friday, March 1, 2024. 

*Only Childhood Bereavement Changemaker Applications submitted online will be considered.
8% of survey complete.