This award is open to all businesses who have maximised the potential of marketing to grow their sales or those of a third-party client. This could be through building a social media presence or delivering a targeted brand marketing campaign.

Winner will demonstrate:

Demonstrate creative use of marketing and/or social media platforms
Proof of improved audience engagement
Proof of revenue impact/subscribers or other benefits to business

Please contact Jillian Jappy on if you would like a Word Document version of the entry form.

You can enter more than one category.

One entry form must be submitted for each category entered. Please tailor your application in relation to the category you are entering.

Please complete all fields. Please note word limits apply.

All entries, and the details contained within them, will be handled in the strictest confidence and only made available to members of the judging panel and site visit personnel from both The Courier and Henderson Loggie.

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* 3. Financial Year Ending: 2021/2022

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* 4. Financial Year Ending: 2022/2023

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* 5. Financial Year Ending: 2023/2024