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Informed Consent for the COVID-19 Vaccine Acceptance Survey

You are being invited to participate in an online research study conducted by the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA). The purpose of this survey is to help us understand your views on the COVID-19 vaccine so that we can provide you and other persons living in the Caribbean with accurate, science-based information. Your participation in this survey is voluntary, and there is no financial compensation. If you choose to participate, you can access the questionnaire through the link below. It should take approximately five to ten minutes to complete.

Potential Risks: There is minimal risk to taking part in the study. If at any point you feel uncomfortable with a question, you can exit the survey without penalty.

Potential Benefits: There is no direct benefit to you from taking part in this study, and there is no compensation. The information you provide, however, will contribute to the development of an enhanced public education campaign on COVID-19 vaccines for the Caribbean.

Confidentiality: No personal information will be collected during this study. IP tracking will be turned off, and all your responses will remain anonymous and confidential.

Consent: If you click the link below, you are stating that you understand that your participation in this study is completely voluntary. You are also stating that you know that you can withdraw from the study at any time without penalty.
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