Thank you for your willingness to help us with this survey.  Please do not forget to read the essay that provides a great deal more background information about this survey, at

Members’ responses to this survey will help Conference participants decide on what local service tools and recovery IPs to develop next. We are committed to completing the Spiritual Principle a Day book ( in the 2020–2022 Conference cycle, and we do not anticipate we will have the resources to fund any other in-person workgroups. That means we will use web meetings, focus groups, and virtual workgroups to develop smaller pieces such as IPs and service tools in the cycle ahead. With this approach in mind, we are planning to offer two general project plans in the Conference Approval Track material, one for IP development and one for local service tools. The specific focus of those two plans will be determined at the Conference using the survey results as a resource.

After the sections of the survey asking for your priorities on recovery literature, service material, and Issue Discussion Topics, we are including a section on the future of literature and service tools. We would like your input on some questions that will help shape Conference discussions on improving access to materials and implementing better processes to respond to Fellowship needs.

Note: this survey is an excerpt from the 2020 Conference Agenda Report.  The CAR and other important material is available at