About Canada's Best Creative in Financial Marketing Awards

You can complete this document in French or in English.
Vous pouvez compléter ce document en Français ou en Anglais.
Welcome to the official entry form to Canada's Best Creative in Financial Marketing Awards, honoring  creative excellence in financial marketing in Canada. It's simple to enter! You simply need to fill out the entry details, answer two or three questions (to provide a little context to our judges), the upload your creative (or submit a URL). That's it!

This award recognizes CREATIVE EXCELLENCE in financial marketing in Canada. Gramercy Institute believes that Canada's financial services industry is unique unto itself--and its marketing creative deserves its own recognition. These awards honor the leaders in Canada's financial services marketing industry and the creativity that they bring to their clients and to this industry.
This form, we ask each entrant for a brief description of the entry as well as the marketing objective for the specific entered creative execution. In addition, we ask for a brief statement asking for the results that the execution has achieved against the objective. Each creative execution speaks for itself. 
We encourage financial brands to submit as many entries as they like (or just one)!  There is a charge for each entry and there is a discount for multiple entries. Each entry requires its own separate submission. Though please feel free to replicate (copy & paste) the responses to the contextual questions as you like if they are applicable across multiple entries.

Gramercy Institute has engaged a roster of leading professionals in financial services marketing to grade each entry across a number of criteria (Attention Break-Through, Value Articulation, Overall Creativity, Effective Use of Medium, Relevance to Objective, Memorable).

Good luck!  We look forward to receiving your entry!