Building the Field of Human Relations in California
Workshops: November 2014

“Cross-Racial Organizing: the opportunity to achieve racial equity”
• Glenn Harris, President of the Center for Social Inclusion
• Scott Nakagawa, Partner in ChangeLab
Co-hosted by the San Francisco Human Rights Commission, Alameda County Human Relations Commission and Santa Clara County Human Relations Commission.

Thursday, Nov 20
1:30 reception, 2 to 4 program
Alameda County Training and Education Center, Hayward/Union City room
125 12th Street, Suite 400
Oakland CA 94607-6467

Racial inequities exist across all indicators for success — education, jobs, housing, neighborhoods, criminal justice, health and more. Unless we are proactively working for racial equity, we will be replicating the status quo. This workshop will feature two of the preeminent thinkers in the country — Glenn Harris, President of the Center for Social Inclusion, and Scott Nakagawa, Partner in ChangeLab. Glenn and Scott will share their latest thinking about the strategies and skills needed to build a movement for racial equity, and will lead an engaging conversation about:
* What does a coming “new majority” people of color in California mean for racial equity? How do we do cross-racial, cross-sector organizing?
* What are the roles for human relations organizations? Government? Community?
* How do we proactively address race and build a sustainable movement for change?

The workshop is sponsored by the California Association of Human Relations Organizations and funded through a grant from the California Endowment.