1. About this Study

This is an online form to submit your full application to participate in the CAEL-WICHE PLA Impact Study. We suggest that you review the PDF version on the announcement website (https://www.cael-wiche-pla.org/) and collect all necessary information before you begin entering information in this form. All applications are due by 11:59 pm CDT on May 10, 2019.
Thank you for your interest in the CAEL-WICHE Study of PLA Credit-Earning and Student Academic Outcomes.

Eligibility: The study is limited to 70 postsecondary institutions that meet the following criteria:

  • The institution has offered at least two different PLA methods since at least 2011 (*or soon thereafter for community colleges/two year institutions - parameter revised 4/29/19). PLA methods include
    • standardized exams (e.g., CLEP, UExcel, DSST, etc.),
    • challenge exams,
    • portfolio assessment,
    • credit for military training/occupations through ACE recommendations,
    • credit for other external training through ACE or NCCRS recommendations).
  • The institution tracks PLA credit-earning as part of the student’s academic record.
Data to be provided: All participating institutions will be asked to provide student-level data records in a de-identified format for the cohort of all degree/certificate-seeking undergraduate students who matriculated for the first time at the institution in academic year 2011-12 (*or soon thereafter for community colleges/two year institutions - parameter revised 4/29/19), with data elements reflecting credits earned and postsecondary outcomes through the end of calendar year 2018 (Fall 2018-19). Participating institutions will be asked to complete a questionnaire about PLA policies/practices and adult-serving policies/practices at that institution. Some institutions will be asked to participate in a short phone interview about PLA and/or possibly help recruit a small number of students to participate in short interviews about their PLA experiences. Neither institutions nor students are required to participate in interviews; this component of the study is completely voluntary. The data provided through this application will be treated as confidential and will not be linked to your institution in any published reports. All data will be destroyed after five years.

Selection of institutions: We are seeking balanced representation in this study from both four-year comprehensive institutions as well as community colleges and other two-year institutions.To help in the selection of participants for this study, we are asking that all interested postsecondary institutions provide us with some information on your PLA programs and capacity to provide data for the study. Submission of this application indicates that your institution is expressing interest in participating in this study.


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