Summary of the CAAIS Survey

Survey on the Consultation Draft of the Canadian Archival Accession Information Standard (CAAIS)

Responses to this survey will help the National Archival Accession Working Group understand how the consultation draft of the standard was received by the Canadian archival community and what changes or revisions should be made. Respondents may provide information about their institutions (optional) which will support statistical analysis. In any public reports analyzing and communicating the survey results, however, the Working Group will anonymize all responses.

At present the full consultation draft of CAAIS is only available in English. Appendix A: Summary of Element and Sub-Element Obligations, has been translated into French. The final version of the standard will be informed by the results of this survey, and it will be available in French and English.

The survey is intended to gather perspectives on:
▪       the scope and content of the standard;
▪       the applicability and relevance of elements within each information section; and
▪       considerations on the technical implementation of the standard.

There are 45 questions. The survey should take about 30 minutes to complete. Please use the preview option to see all of the questions and get a sense of how long it may take you to complete it. Respondents can change their answers on any survey page until they complete the survey.

The CAAIS consultation draft and this survey were prepared by the National Archival Accession Working Group.

Survey Preview
Consultation draft of CAAIS (English)
Accession Record Diagram (English)
Appendix A: Summary of Element and Sub-Element Obligations (English)
Appendix A: Summary of Element and Sub-Element Obligations (French)

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