May 14, 2023

Dear North Park Church Family, 

Thank you for participating in what God is doing at NPC! After six Listening Meetings, we heard consistent themes about God’s good work in and through our church. We also heard several opportunities for what might be or should be possible in the season ahead. This is exciting!

While the Listening Meetings were wonderful, many people were unable to participate. In fact, just about 25% of the congregation was represented there. Everyone’s perspective is important, so please consider taking this short survey. [Note: If you participated in a Listening Meeting, you are still invited to take this survey!] We value your input on how NPC is doing as a whole, as well as what is most important to you in a new senior pastor. We should recognize that a senior pastor will come with his own set of skills and priorities. This survey will help us match those things with the future of North Park Church. 

The survey should take approximately 10-20 minutes. You’re welcome to keep it anonymous or sign your name if you choose. We strongly encourage you to take this survey online, as it will be clear and user-friendly. If you don’t have email or are unable to take it online, you can get a paper version in the lobby. Please put completed paper surveys in the sealed box at the Pastoral Search Team table in the lobby, near the Welcome Desk. For either version, please complete this survey by Sunday, May 28th. 

Lastly, please take a few moments to pray before beginning the survey. Thank God for His loyal love, for His bride the Church, and for calling you into His family. Ask God to guide you toward His vision for North Park Church.

In Christ’s love and service,

Your Pastoral Search Team