Hello Everyone!

We are asking your help to evaluate our services and programs. We want to know what you think about how we are doing and what we could do better.  We want your honest opinions.

Please Note:

1.  Your name does not appear on the questionnaire

2.  Your answers are kept confidential

3.  Your specific answers will not be shared with the staff

4.  Whether or not you answer these questions will not affect the service you receive here

As you answer these questions, please keep in mind the programs and services you have received over the past year.  Please include the following:

1.  Appointments with staff

2.  Groups and workshops

For the questions below, please tick the box that shows your response.  
Thank You for Your Participation!
Your answers will help us to better meet your needs.  All your answers will be confidential.  Of course, if you don’t want to answer any or all of these questions you don’t have to.  However, we would greatly appreciate any information you can give us.



* 1. What location or program do you use? Please tick all that apply.

* 2. Overall, I am satisfied with the programs and services at Windsor Essex Community Health Centre

* 3. I would refer a family member or friend to WECHC.

* 4. I can get an appointment when I need one.

* 5. The staff helps me get the services I need at WECHC.

* 6. The staff helps me get the services I need in the community.

* 7. The programs and services are provided in a language that is comfortable for me.

* 8. The programs and services are sensitive to my culture.

* 9. The programs and services are delivered in a way that accommodates my physical disability.

* 10. The staff is easy to talk to and encourage me to ask questions.

* 11. The staff explains things in a way I can understand.

* 12. I know how to make a suggestion or complaint.

* 13. I trust that staff will ask me before sharing confidential information about me outside WECHC.

* 14. The staff gives me information that I can use to improve my health and well being.

* 15. I am asked to give input into the care, programs and services I use.

* 16. The programs and services provided by WECHC are responsive to my needs.

* 17. I feel my quality of life is better because of the programs and services I received from WECHC.

* 18. The programs and services helped me with things I was worried about.

* 19. The programs and services have helped me improve my well being.

* 20. This survey gave me the chance to express my opinions about WECHC.

* 21. The survey was about the right length.

* 22. What programs and services do you and/or your family need that we are not currently providing?  Please List.