Online Community Input Tool

Bar Harbor 2035 is the town's long-range comprehensive plan that guides future growth and development over the next ~10 years. The plan will serve as a foundation for determining effective public policy, infrastructure investment, and land use decisions in the future. Through extensive community engagement, the goal of this plan is to reflect Bar Harbor’s priorities, needs, and desires in the future. 

We're asking community members to provide their thoughts on a variety of topics related to Bar Harbor 2035. We know this tool is extensive, as it includes all of the questions explored at the October community forums. Feel free to complete as much or as little as you wish. Your input is greatly valued during this process as we begin to engage the public and community stakeholders in a deeper way.

For a summary of current conditions in Bar Harbor, please see "A Snapshot of Current Conditions in Bar Harbor"

For more detailed information on topics, check out "Where are we now? An analysis of Current Conditions in Bar Harbor" - October 2022

If you have any questions, please contact Steve Fuller, Assistant Planner for Bar Harbor's Planning Department, at

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