What is your academic standing?

Is this the first time you've attended a library instruction session?

If not, at which campus did you attend the previous session?

If this is your first time attending a library instruction session, can you tell us what percentage of the time you have used library databases such as EBSCO or JSTOR for your research?

Before this session, how often did you use information from Internet search engines such as Google for class assignments?

After attending this session, how important will finding peer-reviewed, scholarly resources be to your research ?

Did the length of the session seem about right?

Will the information presented in the session help you with your research?

Do you think the session instructor knows a lot about academic research?

How well did the session answer any questions you might have had about academic research?

What is your field of study?

How highly would you recommend this session to other students in your field of study?

How adequate do you think the library resources in your field of study are at William Carey University?

What things would you like to see us improve in terms of the adequacy of library resources in your subject field?