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Thank you for visiting our survey site. Please note responses will not be used for any purpose other than informing the update of CIRIA C580 and all feedback given will be treated anonymously. Apologies if you have received this link via several emails but please only complete the survey once.


Since its publication in 2003, CIRIA C580 "Embedded Retaining Walls – Guidance for Economic Design" has been amongst the best-selling documents ever published by CIRIA. It has become the standard reference text for practising engineers involved in the planning and design of embedded retaining walls in the UK and in many locations overseas.

It is now over 10 years since the document was published and Arup has been asked to lead the revision and extension of the document for publication in Autumn 2015.

In particular, the extended document will:
- cover all soil types (including soft clays) and weak rocks
- accommodate recent changes to design codes, legislation and professional engineering practice

The purpose of this questionnaire is to ensure that the research team is fully aware of current practice across the industry and to gather any feedback you may have on the existing C580 Report or aspects which you would like to see included in the updated version.

We would therefore be very grateful if you could spare 5 to 10 minutes to complete this questionnaire. Note that it is not necessary to answer every question, particularly if you feel that there are parts that are not relevant to your work. Any information you do give us will be gratefully received. If one of your colleagues has relevant experience which they would be willing to share with us, please also pass them the link.

Please complete the questionnaire by Tuesday 6th May 2014.