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Your participation in the Global Organizational Culture Institute's (GOCI) annual study will help shed insight on how organizational culture and change efforts are supporting organizational performance across the globe. Your responses will be anonymous and only aggregated trends will be reported in June 2022.
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The Global State of Culture Study gathers data to understand the organizational culture and its relationship to performance on a global scale. This data is used to create several reports, including- The Global State of Culture Report, The Senior Leader's Guide to Culture, The HR/OD Practitioner’s Guide to Culture, and the Leader's Guide to Culture Change, for peer-reviewed academic research, including academic conferences and journals, and to inform research and development of commercial assessment products.  The legal basis on which we gather this data is your consent to store and process your responses for the purposes set forth herein. Your responses include no personal information that could be used to identify you, unless you choose to identify the stock ticker of the company you work for.  With the exception of the stock ticker information, the data we collect is thus anonymous. We store the data for ten years so that we can perform additional analysis for industry reports, collaborate with academic researchers, verify the results of our analysis with other researchers, and do additional research and development for our products. When we collaborate with other researchers or work with them to verify our results and findings upon request (for example, when publishing in peer-review publications), other researchers are required to destroy the data once they have finished verifying our results. Because we store no information in our systems which we can use to identify you, we have no way to change or delete your response to the survey; as a result, this consent cannot be withdrawn since we have no way of tying data to any individual person. We may also make this data set available to the public at a future date for the purpose of creating open data and share findings.  If data is provided to other researchers or the public, please note that such parties may be in countries other than where you are physically located. In the event you have a complaint about our use of your data, you may contact the Data Protection Officer of the Global Organizational Culture Intitute at

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