ALIFE 2020 Call for art

Hello, Artists and Researchers with cool visualizations. You are invited to submit your artworks for consideration in the 2020 ALIFE conference art exhibition. The art exhibition at ALIFE will have two themes this year (1) Art in the Science and (2) ALIFE inspired Art.

"Art in the Science" will look at visualizations resulting from research that "happen to" have artistic qualities. Artwork in this category also includes works which are based on results form research. The "Art in the Science" theme will explore the beauty that arises from life and will provide an opportunity for our community to engage in concepts including effective communication of ALIFE ideas and processes to improve public engagement with ALIFE research.

"ALIFE inspired Art" will look at art inspired by and/or created with ALIFE. This theme can include artwork investigation the future of ALIFE and the role of ALIFE in society as well as art which uses ALIFE as a tool (a paintbrush if you will) in the artistic process.

Two and Three-dimensional art will be considered. For artwork consisting of static images, ALIFE can accept high-resolution images that will be printed (so you won’t need to worry about transportation). We will have a number of computer monitors so we will be able to show 2-dimensional video files (and perhaps other visualizations). Interactive visualizations are not out of the question, but of course, we will need to work out logistics.

Artists should be attending ALIFE and are responsible for transporting artwork to and from the conference (unless it is 2D and ALIFE is printing it). We are looking into sponsorship for the art exhibition and may be able to provide financial support for either conference fees, transportation of art or both.

Submit proposals for Art, Robot Displays, and Visualizations to be displayed at ALife 2020:

Single JPEG file of original digital artwork, one abstract describing the piece no longer than one page, longer proposals will not be accepted. Sculptural and three-dimensional submissions should be submitted as a photograph. 

We invite you to submit a piece of artwork inspired by Artificial Life, a robotics display, or a beautiful visualization. We will display selected work at the conference. 

Important dates

Deadline for submission of proposals: May 15, 2020
Notification of acceptance: June 1, 2010
Late-Breaking Deadline: June 15, 2010

Question Title

* 1. By replying to this open call for the Alife 2020 Conference you agree to be contacted by the Alife 2020 Conference organizers regarding your submission. Your data will not be shared with any third parties. To revoke your submission, at any time, please contact