* 1. Are you a current Member of the Briarwood PTA?

* 2. If you are Not a PTA member, Why Not? (Check all that apply)

* 3. This year, the PTA offered A new membership benefit called the VIP Punch Card that gave many discounted and free items at PTA events. Was this a valuable perk for you?

* 4. How many times did you redeem the VIP Punch Card discounts or free items?

* 5. Did the Mariner’s Tickets and gift basket raffle encourage you to join PTA?

* 6. The PTA usually offers a free gift with membership like a magnet, lanyard, cling, or tote. Do you want to continue to receive a similar gift like this in the future?

* 7. Would you be willing to purchase these types of items on-line in lieu of receiving them as a gift?

* 8. If you joined the PTA on-line was the process easy to purchase a membership?

* 9. Did you utilize the WA State PTA membership benefits like Great Wolf Lodge for example that are made available when you joined Briarwood PTA?

* 10. Was there anything new that you learned about Membership? Check any/all that apply

Thank you for participating in our Membership Survey!