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Thank you for taking the time to answer the following questions. Your participation is truly appreciated and will help the ITRC identify and more clearly understand some areas of concern for many consumers, especially when it comes to data breaches. The survey will take less than a couple of minutes to complete.

The more complete your survey responses, the better the ITRC can use this information to assist victims and consumers nationwide.

* 1. Thinking about the way you were informed about the data breach, did you feel as though you were well informed on what you had to do next, i.e. what steps you needed to take.

* 2. What personal information was compromised as a result of the data breach?

* 3. After receiving the breach notification, what was your initial feeling?

* 4. After you were informed about the data breach, were you concerned that your personal data could be used to steal your identity and harm you financially?

* 5. When you were informed of the data breach, did the organization offer credit or identity monitoring to protect you from identity theft?

* 6. If yes, did you take advantage of the offered services to protect your identity?

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