Very soon, we – the adjunct and part-time contract faculty at Brandeis University – will vote by mail to form our union. This election is the first step toward increasing transparency and equity on our campus. By winning our union, we will gain the ability to negotiate a collective bargaining agreement that reflects our needs and priorities.

As faculty, we range from adjuncts with course-by-course contracts to part-timers with longer-term contracts. We teach in classrooms and online. Some of us have many benefits and others have few, if any. Some of us have the right to participate in faculty governance and curricular and program planning and others do not. Together, through the collective bargaining process, we can address both shared challenges and challenges that affect only some of us.

To address the diversity of our positions and identify our priorities, we need your input. We therefore invite you to join us in beginning the important collective task of carefully identifying our bargaining priorities and creatively envisioning solutions that will improve our lives, the academic environment at Brandeis and the learning experiences our students.

JOIN IN! Please tell us about how you are positioned at Brandeis and your priorities for bargaining.

If you have questions about any aspect of the contract negotiation process, please feel free to contact us anytime at