What is this?

This is a voluntary survey designed to help us help you. We want to improve your workforce, increase talent retention, and make it easier to access the trainings and resources that make this possible. The best way to do this is to hear from you directly on a few key topics.

 How confidential are my answers?

Your individual responses will be held in confidence among the organizing committee.

Any data shared outside of the committee will be reported only as an aggregate and used to show what employers as a whole are interested in and need in terms of strengthening their workforce.  Individual identities and responses will be confidential. Sharing data in this way will help us identify how to move forward.

What comes next?

Survey results will help determine how to improve the availability of trainings and other resources that lead to greater talent retention and a larger talent pipeline for our region. This could come in the form of altering when and where current trainings are held, or it could lead to the creation of new training services for our region.

We thank you for joining an effort to strengthen Branch County companies and their staff.

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