This award recognizes a volunteer within the Central Indiana Tennis District who continually strives to promote youth tennis, primarily at the local level. Typical activities would include those who have started new tennis programs, or run after-school or off-season tennis programs. This candidate exhibits the following qualities: patience, dedication, leadership and generosity and is a positive influence on youth players.

* 1. Name of Nominee

* 2. Address of Nominee

* 3. Person Submitting Nomination

* 4. Email of person submitting nomination

* 5. Specify in what capacity and for how long you have known the nominee.

* 6. List any tennis program(s) he or she has been involved with developing and how has he or she help grow and promote tennis within Central Indiana.

* 7. Brad Holmes exhibited the following qualities as a youth tennis coach: patience, dedication, leadership and generosity.  He had a positive influence on many youth players in Central Indiana.  Please list your nominee's achievements that help to demonstrate these qualities.

* 8. Please provide any additional detailed information in support of the specific reasons for this nomination.