Boyce Hill Town Forest is a 93-acre tract of land at the top of Boyce Road in North Fayston that was given to the Town in December 2019. A conservation easement on the property held by the Vermont Land Trust (VLT) ensures long-term public access and natural resource conservation. The Fayston Conservation Commission’s Boyce Hill Town Forest Steering Committee is developing a Management Plan for the property and is seeking public input to guide its decision making. 

The property is primarily open land with a 1¼ acre pond, dominated by a hilltop that offers expansive views of the valley below, Burnt Rock and the Green Mountains, the rolling hills of Fayston and the Northfield Mountain Range. The land was cleared and farmed in the mid-1800s and has been in varying stages of regrowth since. The hillside property was approved for subdivision in the 1970s and, in preparation, the developer built a road to the top, installed channels to direct runoff, dug a pond, and began mowing the hillsides again. While the land was not further developed, most of the property has been intensively mowed for the last 40 years. For decades, landowners welcomed their neighbors on the property, and many Fayston residents have enjoyed the recreational opportunities and views that it offers.

This survey is about understanding YOUR values and vision for the Boyce Hill Town Forest. We understand that people’s experience with the property varies. At this point in the planning process, we want to encourage you to think beyond how you currently experience the property. This is a time to get everything on the table – please share your vision of what you love about Boyce Hill now and what you would love it to become. 

The conservation easement guides us to conserve natural resources and the ecological values that sustain them and to provide for non-motorized, non-commercial recreational, educational, and other community uses. To ensure a common baseline of understanding, we first offer a brief summary of the information we’ve learned over the last year about how people value Boyce Hill and about the state of its natural resources for your consideration. We encourage you to take the time to read through this introductory material before answering the questions.

Combining professional assessments with your feedback and additional community ideas gathered at public input and education forums, the Steering Committee will weigh what is possible on the site and how to blend scenic, recreational, and ecological values into a suite of management practices that support both long-term environmental sustainability and enjoyment of the property today.

Please plan to spend about 20 minutes on the survey. After some background information, you'll find sections on Vision, Management Values, Natural Resources, Activities and Programs, and Management of Open Land Areas. Thanks for sharing your perspective!

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Boyce Hill Parcel and Locator Maps

Boyce Hill Parcel & Locator Maps