Session Booking Form (includes agreement to terms and conditions)

This team booking form is to secure a free (donated) virtual session of the Insight Exchange Module: Understanding and responding to Workplace Sexual Harassment.

Structure: 3hrs
Team session details: (3hrs)
(1hr): 50mins View Part A together online + 10mins Q&A
(1hr): Take a break/walk to reflect on the content
(1hr): 40mins View Part B together + 20mins Q&A
The Q&A is facilitated by with Insight Exchange Associate Dr Skye Charry and fellow panellist Luke Addinsall. 
(The Q&A is designed to involve any team members in any roles to respond to the module and to ask questions. The Q&A is to create conversations not a forum to provide commercial or legal advice/guidance.)

  1. Teams can book a session by completing one form (for the whole group). The person completing the form is called the 'booking contact person'.
  2. The 'booking contact person' completes the application and agreement below including agreement to the terms and conditions and selecting the specific date and time from the options listed as available on the website here: We have a focus in this period on supporting the industries listed however we welcome bookings from any industry. Any industry can book into any available session.
  3. Insight Exchange will send the 'booking contact person' a confirmation of the session date/time and the zoom link for the session.
  4. The booking contact person is responsible to invite attending team members and to provide them with the session date, time and zoom link. We recommend using the suggested invitation text provided in the confirmation email so that invitees/attendees are clear on what to expect and how/when to access the session.
The content has been developed by international and local subject matter experts and people with lived experience. The material contains examples of experiences of and resistance and responses to harassment, violence and abuse. 

We recommend providing access to supportive information and reflection resources before and after the session. The free (donated) Insight Exchange resource 'Follow My Lead (Workplace Sexual Harassment' is one example.

With thanks, 
The Insight Exchange Team

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* 1. Booking Contact Person Details

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* 2. I understand and agree to the following terms:

In an effort to support social, service and systemic responses to domestic, family and sexualised violence, Insight Exchange is donating the virtual sessions: Module - Understanding and responding to Workplace Sexual Harassment.

I understand that Insight Exchange materials cannot be used for commercial purposes or sold. Under no circumstances can a purchase or viewing fee be applied to Insight Exchange resources as these have been designed to be free for any and all readers/viewers to remove cost barriers.

Disclaimer: Whilst great care has been taken to do no harm and to improve responses to people experiencing domestic and family violence, Insight Exchange and the contributing organisations assume no responsibility for how the information in the resources is used.

I understand that after participating the name of our organisation and industry will be named as participants in the engagement reporting.

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* 4. Booking day and time:  (Select one available session)
Note: All bookings must be made 1 month in advance of the selected session date.
Available sessions and dates and times are on the website here:

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