TEAM booking form (includes agreement to terms and conditions)

This team booking form is to secure a 90 minute virtual session of the Foundations Module: Understanding and responding to strangulation

Structure: 90min virtual session
  • 60mins Module - digital format (video)
  • 30mins Q&A - Insight Exchange team member/s 
  1. Teams can book a session by completing one form (for the whole group). The person completing the form is called the 'booking contact person'.
  2. The 'booking contact person' completes the application and agreement below including agreement to the terms and conditions
  3. Please specify the date/time you prefer within the guidance provided. We will confirm or confer with you about another option of your selection is not possible
  4. Insight Exchange will send the 'booking contact person' a confirmation of the session date/time and the zoom link for the session.
  5. The booking contact person is responsible to invite attending team members and to provide them with the session date, time and zoom link. We recommend using the template invite provided to you in our confirmation email so that invitees/attendees are clear on what to expect.
  • Insight Exchange does not require or accept applications from individuals for individual sessions.
  • While Insight Exchange fully supports lifelong learning via continuous professional development (CPD), we don’t provide individual evidence of attendance. 
The content has been developed by international and local subject matter experts and people with lived experience. The material contains examples of violence and abuse. It also contains artwork, animation, text and voice overs.  

We recommend providing a short supportive introduction to the materials. An example is provided with your booking confirmation.

If you have questions about the booking or opportunity please contact the team.

The Insight Exchange Team 

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* 1. Booking Contact Person Details

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* 2. I understand and agree to the following terms:

In an effort to support social, service and systemic responses to domestic, family and sexualised violence, Insight Exchange is donating the virtual sessions: Foundations Module - Understanding and responding to strangulation.

I understand that Insight Exchange materials cannot be used for commercial purposes or sold. Under no circumstances can a purchase or viewing fee be applied to Insight Exchange resources as these have been designed to be free for any and all readers/viewers to remove cost barriers.

Insight Exchange led sessions (digital content and/or Q&A) are not approved for recording for internal or external circulation.

Disclaimer: Whilst great care has been taken to do no harm and to improve responses to people experiencing domestic and family violence, Insight Exchange and the contributing organisations assume no responsibility for how the information in the resources is used.

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* 3. Please briefly describe the the organisations or team/s who will be attending:

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* 4. Bookings on Mondays - Thursdays for 2024 are now open.
If you have a specific date and time in mind please specify your preference. 

  • Date/Time 
  • Session is 90mins.
  • Start times need to be from the earliest 9am and starting no later than 2pm.
  • Bookings are Mon - Thurs only
**Our capacity to provide sessions is subject to other commitments. We will do our best to meet your first preference but we may need to explore alternative options if your preference is not possible. Either way, we will contact you to confirm or to arrange an alternative date/time.


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* 5. The organisation/team I am making this booking for operates in the following:

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* 6. I give consent for Insight Exchange to:

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Name the organisation/network/industry this booking is for
Contact me as the booking contact person to learn more about the value of session/module
Include me in the circulation of Insight Exchange update (new resources/content news)