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As we enter into this recruitment cycle to find new directors to join the board, we strive to have a board representative of a diversity of perspective, lived experience, specialized skills and competencies. We are not looking for the perfect applicant who checks all the boxes, but to have a well-rounded board of directors who collectively bring all of these perspectives, skills and competencies.

The following have been prioritized for this recruitment campaign:

  • General skills: strong communication skills, collaborative decision-making skills, effective leadership skills, good time management skills to ensure appropriate preparation for meetings and discussions.
  • Governance competencies: strategic thinking, understanding of governance, enterprise risk management, accounting designation, legal. Previous board experience is helpful but not necessary.
  • Perspectives: Black, Indigenous, People of Colour (BIPOC), male perspectives (the board is predominantly female right now), lived or work experience in DEI and anti-racism work
Along with your application, your responses to this applicant survey and competency assessment will be used by the nominating committee as part of its screening process.

With your help, we can govern with excellence, make informed decisions, live out our values, create a sense of belonging for all and support each child, educator/staff and our community to reach their full potential.
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