Just as we have seen exciting evolution in the payments industry, the development and disruption of social media has also grown exponentially over the last few years. This year’s Social Media Integration award will honor a company that has successfully integrated payments through a social media environment. 

Nominees for this award will highlight a solution that integrates with a social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to enable social commerce or simplify consumer transactions. 

The winning candidate will display market leadership and creative innovation by demonstrating how their solution positively influences social commerce today.  (simplifies payment process, encourages commerce, expedites acceptance, enables greater consumer analytics, empowers social marketing, etc.).

* 1. Submit the name of the company and product that you would like to nominate for the Best Social Media Integration Award.

* 2. Describe this social media integration product:

* 3. This product stands apart from others in the marketplace because of its:

* 4. At what level of use is this product in the marketplace?

* 5. If requested, would you be able to furnish contact information for a client who is currently using this product?

* 6. Will the nominated company be exhibiting this technology at TRANSACT?

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