This award honors the company that has developed a Mobile Payment or Point of Sale solution to include, hardware, retail, billing, gateway, or electronic wallet that easily allows consumers or retailers to make transactions and pay for purchases. This category is specific for continuing or launching an innovative product or products that deliver or use payments as its core purpose. The emphasis is on innovation and on products/services that were available in (and to the end of) 2016.

* 1. Submit the name of the company and product that you would like to nominate for the Best Mobile Solution Award.

* 2. Describe what sets this product apart from others in the marketplace (provide as detailed information as possible).

* 3. Is this a simple and enjoyable experience for merchant and consumer?

* 4. Is this a reliable product: Is it robust and does it provide consistent service and good value for the end user?

* 5. At what level of use is this product in the marketplace?

* 6. Is product being used in more than one market today?

* 7. How long has it been in in implementation and operation?

* 8. If requested, would you be able to furnish contact information for a client who is currently using this product?

* 9. Will the nominated company be exhibiting this technology at TRANSACT?

* 10. Please provide the name, title, telephone and email for an individual from the nominated company who can be contacted with questions.

* 11. Enter your name and a phone number or email where we can reach you with questions: