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Voice hearers and allies are partnering to find out what makes Hearing Voices groups so useful. Your voice and stories are essential to answering that question. If you are a voice hearer and have been involved in these groups, please consider offering your wisdom. to learn more about the project behind this survey, please click here! If you are interested in learning more about the Hearing Voices approach, click here, or for a paper version of the survey, you can  click here!

In order to access the survey, we ask that you read through this consent form and sign the acknowledgement on the second page.
PLEASE NOTE: The consent form and the survey are two separate documents that will be stored separately in order to protect your privacy and anonymity.
Study: How do Hearing Voices peer-support groups work?

Principal Investigator: Gail Hornstein, Professor of Psychology, Mount Holyoke College

The procedures to be followed in the project will be explained to you, and any questions you may have about the aims or methods of the project will be answered. This questionnaire is an invitation to share your story about what Hearing Voices Groups mean in your life. The amount of time you spend telling that story is up to you. You can respond in as much or as little detail as you would like. If you don’t want to answer a question, just leave it blank. Hearing your story is very important to us so questions that invite you to reflect on and describe parts of your experience may take more time. The first sections of this questionnaire have questions like these. We’ll also ask some background questions and they can be found in the last section. Some people move quickly through them but others will find that there are stories to be told there, too. Either way, there are always options for you to explain things in your own words if choices offered don’t seem right for you.

Risks of Being in the Study:
It is possible that in reflecting on, and describing things that have occurred in your life, you may experience negative emotions and feelings. If you feel yourself becoming overly distressed, we recommend that you stop filling in the questionnaire. If you need additional support, touch base with your group or its membership, if possible, or other people in your support network. You are also welcome to reach out to us at

Benefits of Being in the Study:
The questionnaire is part of a research project investigating Hearing Voices Groups in the United States. We’re interested in gaining a better understanding of how Hearing Voices groups work and what essential elements of hearing voices groups make them effective for people who hear voices, see visions or have other unusual or extreme experiences. It is an opportunity to amplify your voice and knowledge with respect to the growing work of the Hearing Voices movement and its groups across the nation. Your involvement will inform our understanding about what it is to hear voices, see visions or have other unusual experiences and what works best for those who do. This is the first project in the US that aims to include voice hearers at every stage of the research process. This project is committed to sharing its findings with the community that has generated them (and beyond), and to create opportunities for the hearing voices community to expand its work in new ways. 

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