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Good childcare matters, and is a precondition for a healthy, prosperous community.

The City of Beaumont is committed to shaping a future in which all families have access to the childcare they need, in a way that makes the best use of resources in the community, and provides certainty to parents and the employees of the program.

Beaumont has been offering childcare for 38 years. The program was born in 1980, arising from a desire to fill a gap for childcare in a community that values families, and in response to the fact there were no other meaningful alternatives for parents at the time. 

Since 1980 the City of Beaumont has grown and changed.

Today, the City of Beaumont subsidizes the municipal childcare program at about $345,000 per year; and provide physical space, administration, and management services valued at over $264,000 per year. However, in keeping with Policy 24, those additional costs are not charged to the program.

Today, all citizens contribute to the program through their municipal taxes, but only a small percentage of the parents who want to use the City program can place their children there, creating an inequity. 
Today, private operators have opened a growing number of private businesses delivering childcare services.

This survey is your opportunity to provide important feedback on the City of Beaumont's current childcare services model.

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