Welcome & Context

It’s 2030. What kind of future will the City of Beaufort have?

The City of Beaufort is leading an effort to imagine and plan for a future we can all be proud of. Beaufort 2030 brings together a wide cross-section of community members to explore trends facing our community and envision our future.

We’d like your input.

This survey takes 10-15 minutes minutes to complete. It is completely anonymous. Your responses will be used in aggregate to help set priorities. These questions build on over 600 volunteer hours already invested, thinking about what the City of Beaufort must do now to ensure our community is a place where our kids and grandkids can thrive.

Learn more about our effort at http://www.cityofbeaufort.org. Our partners include the University of South Carolina - Beaufort, Technical College of the Lowcountry, Community Visitor Bureau, Beaufort Jasper Water & Sewer Authority, and Beaufort County School District.

Thank you for contributing to Beaufort 2030 !

Mayor Billy Keyserling, the City Council, and City Manager Bill Prokop

City of Beaufort