The purpose of the following questionnaire is to gather the views and opinions of people who have a vested interest in the club and the future of the GAA in the area. It is hoped that these views can be used to inform a strategy that can be implemented in order to ensure the best possible chance of strengthening and growing the GAA throughout the region into the future.

A broad profile of the club is provided in Section 1 to provide information and context that may be useful when answering some of the questions throughout.  Section 2 simply details some basic information about the person filling out the questionnaire.  Section 3 is concerned with the views and perceptions of each person in relation to certain important areas that are integral to sustaining and building the GAA in the area more successfully into the future.

The survey will be managed by an independent person from Dublin GAA Board who will liaise with the Club Chairman. Only the County Board official will have access to all the information in order to compile and analyse the data and produce a report.  Depending on your answers to Qs 13, 14 and 17, you may be contacted directly by the committee.  
The Executive Committee