All-Options Caller Feedback Survey

As someone who has called our All-Options Talkline, your thoughts and experiences are very important to us. Your honest responses in this survey will help improve All-Options' services to support people in their decisions and experiences with pregnancy, parenting, abortion and adoption.

Please note: All-Options was formerly known as Backline.

This survey is ANONYMOUS. Responses will be compiled and may be quoted anonymously, but never in a way that could identify individual callers. If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns, please contact Rachel Ronquillo Gray, Talkline Manager at or 510-817-0781.

Thanks again for your participation in this survey!

* 1. How did you first contact the Talkline?

* 2. If someone did not answer on your first call, did you eventually talk to an All-Options peer counselor?

* 3. Was this your first call to All-Options (formerly Backline)?

* 4. If you've called the Talkline before, how many times have you talked to someone?

* 5. How did you hear about All-Options? (select more than one option if applicable):

* 6. When you called, who were you seeking support for? (select more than one answer if applicable):

* 7. We know that your reasons for calling the Talkline may include many complex issues. Please check any of the following issues or situations that prompted you to call All-Options.

* 8. If you had to pick the ONE main reason that you called the Talkline, what would it be?

* 9. Please tell us how you would rank your overall experience calling All-Options.

* 10. Please tell us how you would rank other aspects of your call to All-Options.

  Poor Fair Good Very Good Excellent Don't Know or Doesn't Apply
Hours the Talkline is open
Ability to reach a peer counselor
Peer Counselor's listening skills
Peer Counselor's ability to be open & nonjudgmental
Length of time allowed for your call
Helpfulness of ideas, information or referrals offered to you

* 11. Please tell us more about your experience calling All-Options. Was there anything specific that you found helpful?

* 12. When you think about your call to All-Options, was there anything that could have been improved?

* 13. We recognize that many issues and factors may impact a person's experience with pregnancy, parenting, abortion, and/or adoption. For you, which of the following have been a source of SUPPORT or HELP?

* 14. For you, which of the following have been a source of DISTRESS or PROBLEM?

* 15. In a perfect world, what might have helped or provided more support for you in your situation or decision?

* 16. We welcome any other comments or concerns you would like to share about your experience using our Talkline.