This is a survey (for kids only) to help us gather youth feedback on the name of a future study.

iCAN would like youth members to share their feedback about a name for an upcoming pediatric clinical research study for teens living with psoriasis in order to better support improved study design for patients, their families, and researchers. 

 If you need help accessing the survey, please contact Amy Ohmer, iCAN Director at  

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* 1. How old are you?

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* 2. To which gender do you most identify?

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* 3. To help us better understand youth perception, we would like to have you rank three potential study names in order of your personal preference.  Please keep in mind that this study is for teens living with psoriasis, ages 12-17.

Please rank the following 3 names in order of MOST favorite to LEAST favorite.

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* 4. Please explain why you choose your MOST favorite study name.

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