Welcome to the 2019 NAYGN Annual Awards! Nominations are open for qualifying activities performed during the 2019 calendar year.  The following awards are available for nominations:

-Best Chapter in Region
-Best Chapter in Knowledge Transfer and Retention
-Best Chapter in Public Information
-Best Chapter in Professional Development
-Individual Achievement Award
-Future Award
-Founder's Award

Full information on the types of Awards is available at http://naygn.org/committees/awards/. Before continuing to the next page please read the award descriptions. If you have any questions, please contact awards@naygn.org.  Additionally, for submissions that are related to a chapter (not an individual), please submit a few pictures representative of your nomination write up, including a caption, in the form of a single PDF.  These should be submitted to awards@naygn.org.  In the subject line, please include the award being nominated for in addition to the nominator's name.

Only one award nomination per submission, please. For multiple award nominations, please complete separate nominations.

Nominations will be open through February 29, 2020.
Best Chapter in Region:
Nominees are required to be members of NAYGN and recognized local chapters. Local chapters are required to show balanced growth opportunities in the areas of social activities, community service, and professional development. The nominations will be judged on the following criteria:
- Professional Development: The chapter has made major contributions to the professional development of its members through the outstanding products, services and support in that area of life-long learning, continuing education and professional development.
- Social Activities: The chapter has provided social activities that provide its members with opportunities connect with each other outside the normal business interactions.
- Community Service: The chapter has volunteered a significant amount of time to help their community and improve the image of the professionals in the nuclear industry. The chapter has contributed significant energy to enhance the recognition of NAYGN and the nuclear industry as a positive collaborator to the community.
- Membership: The chapter has exhibited excellence in marketing NAYGN membership benefits and has developed an enthusiastic and innovative way to retain current members, as well as to attract a significant number of new members.

If you do not already know which region your chapter is in, please look here: http://goo.gl/maps/YJmZV
Best Chapter in Knowledge Transfer and Retention:
Best Chapter in Knowledge Transfer and Retention recognizes a local chapter’s committment to addressing Knowledge Transfer and Retention (KTR) in the nuclear industry. Nominees will be judged on how the local chapter met any or all of the following objectives:
- Participate in KTR related activities
- Advocate for the young generation regarding KTR issues, methods, tools, and opportunities
- Raise awareness within the industry of the importance of KTR programs
- Develop new and innovative methods/best practices for KTR
- Assist with the KTR process or development of programs (at your company (companies), or industry-wide)

Other considerations include:
- Number of activities and person-hours focused on KTR objectives
- References or recognition to corroborate the local chapter’s or a member’s contribution to KTR objectives
Best Chapter in Public Information:
The Public Information award recognizes a chapter's commitment to government outreach initiatives, student education outreach, or public outreach initiatives. This award is meant to highlight the top initiative at a chapter and not the collective effort over the year. 

The nominations will be judged on the following criteria:
-Number of people reached
-Size and scope of the event
-Quality of event
-Public awareness resulting from the initiative
-Creativeness or uniqueness
Best Chapter in Professional Development:
The Professional Development award recognizes a chapter's commitment to providing opportunities for nuclear professionals to develop strong leadership skills, organizational skills, and industry awareness. This award is meant to highlight the top initiative at a chapter and not the collective effort over the year. 

The nominations will be judged on the following criteria:
-Size and scope of the event
-Quality of event
-Creativeness or uniqueness
Individual Achievement Award:
The purpose of the Individual Achievement Award is to bridge the gap between the Excellence Awards, which are given for quarterly efforts and the Future Award which has historically been given for the creation of new initiatives (Innovation Competition, Clean Energy Insight Blog, etc.). 

Recipients of the Individual Achievement Award will be selected based on their continued high level of contribution to NAYGN beyond a quarterly basis and can therefore be based on cumulative past actions.  The nominated individual must be a current NAYGN member.   Individual Achievement Awards are intended to be given out to an individual only once during their NAYGN career. 
Future Award:
Nominees are not required to be members of NAYGN. However, the nominee must demonstrate a commitment to the NAYGN mission statement. The nominations will be judged for innovation on the following criteria:
- Advocacy: Does the action promote nuclear science and technology for local, state, or federal understanding?
- Education: Does the action educate the public, students, or new employees to the different aspects of nuclear science and technology?
- Execution: Does the action exemplify dedication in plan and continuous plan of action?
- Knowledge Transfer: Does the action help to reduce tacit knowledge, skills or leadership?
- Leadership: Does the action exemplify forward thinking and trail blazing innovation?
- Recruit, Retain, Develop: Does the action try to ensure the future workforce is available and capable of maintaining the growth of nuclear science and technology?
Founders Award:
Nominations should be made in consideration of the high caliber of the original recipients. Nominees are not required to be a past member of the Core (either national or local), but must meet all the following criteria:
- Leadership: The nominee must exhibit an extraordinary role in providing leadership to their organization. (For example, but not limited to, national technical, professional, or non-professional offices held)
- Dedication: The nominee must demonstrate a dedication to the organization in an effort to help it grow and flourish.
- Inspiration: The nominee must illustrate the genuine ingenuity that exemplifies the Founding Members of NAYGN. (For example, but not limited to, national or international activities of unique quality)

Due to the nature of this award, a measurable achievement must have occurred that provides a significant and lasting impact on the organization (either on the local or national level).