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In today’s world, human suffering, and the socio-economic and environmental impacts of crises are rising, while humanitarian needs are mounting year-on-year as more people are affected. In such a volatile context, resilience is a unifying approach that should guide the design and implementation of integrated and cost-effective approaches to lower multiple interconnected risks and prevent crisis. Multi-stakeholder involvement is key as resilience building cuts across sectors and systems.

Against this backdrop, the UN Common Guidance on Helping Build Resilient Societies (UN Resilience Guidance) provides a UN-wide guidance on building resilience for delivering the 2030 Agenda. It aims to achieve coherence across the UN System and to integrate a resilience lens into all UN decisions, programmes, and interventions. The Guidance is primarily directed at UN Teams and their partners with the prime objective of equipping Governments to lead risk-informed interventions.

The present questionnaire seeks to collect resilience building practices from various country contexts. As learning is such an important aspect of building resilience, it is crucial to compile and share successful resilience practices and related challenges. This will not only foster a community of practice around the topic, but also help the UN System to facilitate research, advise and support resilience actions at scale.

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