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As a valued Stakeholder, we ask that you complete an 10-question survey to inform budgeting and programming of federally funded initiatives for the 2022-2023 school year.

The Buffalo Public School District receives funding from multiple Federal Program grants.  This survey will focus on the following:
  • Title I – Supporting our Neediest Students and Families
  • Title IIA – Supporting Highly Qualified Teachers & Administrators, and Professional Development
  • Title III – Supporting English Language Learners and Immigrant Students
  • Title IV – Student Support & Academic Enrichment
Survey will focus on the following areas separately:
  • Instructional Initiatives
  • Student Access to Technology
  • Student Social/Emotional Supports
  • Supporting Our Neediest Students
  • Supporting Immigrant Students and English Language Learners
  • Supporting Parents & Families
  • Professional Development Initiatives