Welcome to the Assessment!

First, CONGRATULATIONS on setting yourself apart by investing in this assessment to best serve you and your company.
This will all us to complete the analysis that's needed because we don't just offer generic or cookie cutter type solutions for clients. We believe in customizing programs and recommendations for exactly what YOU need.

Once this is filled out completely and submitted, at our next appointment we'll let you know EXACTLY what we can do to take your business to the next level in a variety of areas.

Whether it's:
1) Getting more clients or patients
2) Communicating with and keeping the ones you have
3) Monetizing your business 
4) Developing systems and automation to give you back time to invest in the highest priorities in your life

...we've got the experience and solutions to handle the moving parts to make that happen.

So why do we choose to work with entrepreneurs, dentists, financial and other medical professionals?

We've had the privilege to work with, observe and help a wide variety of businesses and markets through our own companies and clients across the board.  This scope of experience helps our team bring solutions, even from across other professions or areas, that are NOT the commoditized gimmicks that just don't work long term. And we've found that this kind of value is far more effective to the clients and professionals we choose to work with. 

Next, we have been in a number of different professional markets ourselves or through our families, so we've seen not just behind the curtains like but all the way behind the entire business to the level where the results make the real impact on what matters most, OUR FAMILIES.  This inspired us to dig even deeper into the challenges they face, and like many others there was so much focus on the technical side of their profession in school, that there was little to no time for the business and marketing areas....and this pattern continued even later in continuing ed. And what this often leads to is GREAT professionals, and other technical entrepreneurs being continually frustrated by the challenges to grow and achieve the lifestyle they (and you) deserve. 

Finally, beyond our own businesses, existing clients, and even family, we decided to work with specific professionals because of the masterminds and networks we've grown.  Connecting with the RIGHT people, we've found it to be a great fit to work with people who "get it" and want to do great things together.  

Our clients enjoy that we are very "direct", so much so that even if they are accepted as a client, we still don't hesitate to tell them "NO" if they offer to invest more in areas that we know are simply not in their best interest. Their (and your) long term success is far more important.

We have the staff and relationships to bring many services and programs to the table, and we manage these other relationships for you rather than asking you to play the frustrating role of project manager.  What this means to you is less stress, better accountability, and better results.  

We won't chase prospects because we've found that if we "want it" more than you do, it will be a waste of everyone's time. We prefer to work with people who are engaged and serious about taking action.  

So, THANK YOU for taking action in this next step of this confidential assessment.