District Presenter Application

Welcome! Tech Expo is the region's cap stone event for educators to share promising and best practices from their teaching and/or administration.  Last year, Tech Expo was cancelled due to COVID and we invite you to submit to present based on experiences from last year, this present year, or both. 
This year, our conference is 100% virtual with two opportunities to contribute: you can apply to present a 45 minute live Zoom presentation, and/or an asynchronous poster session.  Consider either or both as you reflect on your teaching over the past two years, and feel free to tap a colleague or student to co-present.

This application will allow you to select the format that works best for you:
Live Zoom Session:  Presenter(s) will conduct a live 45 minute session within the conference software's Zoom room.  These sessions will be scheduled during one of the three breakout timeframes, from 1:00pm-3:30pm on 5/21/21.
Poster Presentation: Presenter(s) will build a multimedia "booth" within our conference software that can display video, text and /or images.  Poster sessions are asynchronous and intended for our conference guests to peruse at their leisure during the conference. This is a great opportunity for students to get involved – consider letting your students work on the creation of a poster session with you!
This year we are pleased to feature nationally renowned keynote speaker Manoush Zomorodi (journalist, podcaster, and media entrepreneur.)

The LHRIC is seeking qualified presenters to showcase their successful uses of educational technology in the K-12 environment. Please follow the below instructions to complete this online application to present at Tech Expo.


1. All applications must be submitted online through this survey form.

  • HELPFUL HINT: We recommend drafting the open-ended questions in a separate document that can be easily saved and modified. When you are ready to submit, simply "copy and paste" your responses into the appropriate text boxes in this application, and submit!

2. Questions requiring a response are marked with an asterisk (*).

3. Deadline for application submission: Friday, April 23, and each applicant will be notified via email no later than Friday, April 30 regarding the status of their submission.

If you have any questions, please contact:
Leslie Accardo laccardo@lhric.org (914) 922-3406
- OR -
Sarah Martabano smartabano@lhric.org (914) 922-3411

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* 1. Indicate your session format: select one or both.

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* 2. Presenter contact information:

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* 3. Co-Presenter  Contact Data (if applicable). (NOTE: this can be a colleague or a student!)

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* 4. FIRST: What is noteworthy about your teaching, learning, or administrative practice that you will be highlighting?

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* 5. NEXT: What will the participants walk away with as an insight, learning or understanding after attending your Zoom session or poster session?

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* 6. Live Session/Poster Session Title? (HINT: This will be published in the conference program and will appear in our virtual conference environment. Feel free to be creative, but descriptive enough to give participants a good sense of the content, and what to expect.)

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* 7. Live Session/Poster Session Description (Min. 50 words; Max. 75 words). This will be published in the conference program and will appear in our virtual conference environment. Please review for spelling and grammatical errors.

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* 8. Target Audience: Is your session/presentation geared towards a specific audience?