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The Best of Ojai Rules:

ONE PERSON=ONE VOTE Yes we know that your opinion is extremely valuable and likely deserves to have more votes, but in the spirit of "team democracy," let's keep it to one ballot, shall we?  That means use one email address and one device. There is no pride in cheating.

SPREAD THE LOVE but voters should be local. Ballots must have at least 20 completed categories, and no, this is not the time to repay that favor you owe to a local business owner by voting for them in 20 categories ... you get MAX three. If you don't KNOW 20 businesses around our Valley because you live in Michigan and your Ojai Valley niece asked you to Vote for her, just smile and nod and let the locals sort it out.

NO CHAIN STORES While we can excuse your late night trips to Taco Bell -- we get it -- the best of the Ojai Valley is local and homegrown. Vote accordingly.

KNOW YOUR RIGHTS ... AND LACK THEREOF ... DO THE RIGHT THING.  We reserve the right to exclude any ballots that we believe to be part of a dastardly ballot-box-stuffing scheme, and further to share the names of the suspected no-good-nicks.

Look for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners in the Annual Best Of Ojai Valley issue published Friday, December 2. It will be inserted into newspapers, free online, pushed through social media and distributed throughout town. 

PERMISSION ... by Voting you agree to subscribe (however temporarily) to Ojai Valley News' free bi-weekly eNewsletter with local events and news updates with links. To be counted you must provide your name and phone number. (Your personal info will not be shared, and your phone would only be used if we have a question regarding your ballot.)

FRIDAY, THE 30th OF September ... is your last day to experience this direct local democracy by casting your ballot no later than 5 p.m.

For more information or to advertise in the Best Ojai 2022 issue, contact us:
Contact us: advertise@ojaivalleynews.com
805-646-1476; www.ojaivalleynews.com

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