1. Introduction--Centurion 2017 Valentine's Day Survey

Dear Prestige Fine Jewelry Retailer,

The Centurion is conducting a spot-check survey of top fine jewelry stores to gauge Valentine's Day 2017 salesĀ and compare how high-end stores performed this year vs. prior years.

Your answers will be kept confidential and survey results will be reported anonymously in the aggregate. We very much appreciate your participation to benefit all better jewelry retailers and Centurion invitees.

Best regards,

Howard Hauben
The Centurion

* 1. Your store name (this will be kept confidential):

* 2. How would you rate your total Valentine's Day sales this year, vs. Valentine's Day 2016?

* 3. What was your best selling product for Valentine's Day this year?

* 4. What was your best-selling price point for Valentine's Day?

* 5. How did your average ticket for Valentine's Day this year compare to last year?

* 6. Was there any different trend about Valentine's Day 2017 than in years past? (for example, more engagement rings, more non-engagement jewelry, more women shopping for men's gifts, etc.)