Hello!  Welcome to Bingo Singo event on Friday, January 19th at 7 pm at the Eagle Springs Clubhouse.

What's Bingo Singo?  Each participant will be given a bingo card at check in.  Each unique card will have song titles listed; our DJ will play 10-20 seconds of random songs.  Players will have to guess the song correctly, and if their card has the song, mark the card.  Games played will be traditional bingo, 4 corners, and blackout.  Winners will receive gift cards!


Throughout the evening, our DJ will also be playing Name that Tune.  A few seconds of a song will play, and the first person to name the song will win a prize.  The songs will get progressively more difficult and the prizes will get larger.

This event is BYOB and free!  We will have some finger foods as well.  This event will take no more than 2 hours.

Registration is required; at this time, only 18 and up may participate. 

Any other questions can be directed to Activities@InsideEagleSprings.com

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