Materiality Assessment

The International School of Beijing (ISB) is embarking on a process to create a roadmap what what sustainability (defined as People - Planet - Purpose for ISB) should look and feel like at ISB. Throughout the process we will be looking for participation from a wide range of stakeholders to create this vision, including students, staff, alumni, administration, our partners, and external organizations.

We are currently working to further understand what issues are most important to ISB as we see them, but also as others see them. This understanding will assist us in prioritizing the most important issues to drive our roadmap.

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1. Which stakeholder group best describes you?

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2. For each issue below please select the importance ISB should place on it as it pertains to its sustainability vision from your perspective.

  1 - Low Importance 2 3 - Moderate Importance 4 5 - High Importance
Curriculum (e.g. academic courses focused on or related to sustainability)
Co-Curriculum (e.g. sustainability thinking, student educators)
Governance (e.g. policy, planning, resources, diversity)
Impactful Sharing (e.g. internal and external communication, engagement, and reporting)
Campus Design (e.g. green space, heat island reduction, rainwater management, habitat)
New Construction / Refurbishment (e.g. construction standards)
Campus Operation (e.g. green cleaning, energy and water management)
Transportation (e.g. buses, commuting, school travel)
Landscape (e.g. biodiversity, maintenance, integrated pest management, aesthetic vs function)
Emissions (e.g. greenhouse gas inventory, refrigerants, renewable energy)
Energy (e.g. electricity, natural gas, metering and monitoring)
Resilience + Adaptation (e.g. climate change planning, flooding, water scarcity)
Procurement (e.g. criteria for durable and non-durable goods, purchasing policy)
Waste (e.g. refuse, reduce, recycling, compost, disposal)
Water (e.g. indoor/outdoor uses, cooling tower, metering and monitoring)
Food (e.g. nutrition, labeling, sourcing, env/social impact)
Wellness + Safety (e.g. student and staff whole self, health and safety, occupancy comfort)

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3. Is there an issue you believe we are missing? Do you want to provide more color to your perspective on any issue above? Please use this comment box if so.