Terms and Conditions

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* 1. The calendar giveaway is limited to first 500 units only and available on a first-come first-served basis.
2. Valid for Malaysian postal addresses only.
3. Each valid postal address is entitled to one (1) calendar only.
4. Repeated and incomplete addresses will be disregarded.
5. The calendar will be sent via normal postage. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery of the calendar.
6. Please read our privacy notice here: https://goo.gl/u4c2uC

1. 仅发放500个日历,先到先得。
2. 只限马来西亚邮址。
3. 每个邮址将只限收到一个日历。
4. 重复或不完整的邮址将不予置理。
5. 预计3至4个星期内日历将通过普通邮寄方式寄送给您。
6. 请细阅本公司的隐私条款及细则:https://goo.gl/u4c2uC