Welcome to the Camp Crossroads Helping Hands Application

Welcome to the Camp Crossroads On-Line Helping Hands Volunteer Application. If we have camp, we'll will use whatever is the latest guidance from the CDC regarding summer camp - see current link below


Remember, these positions are "awarded" on a lottery system. The more you apply for, the better your chances. But please ensure you've carefully read the "job description" for each position. Don't volunteer for a job that you can't do.

If there is a * (star) next to a question, that question requires an answer.

At the end of the application you will see a place to "sign" your application and a button that says "Push to Submit Application". If you do not "sign" the application and push this button, we will assume that you did not wish to submit an application and we will delete it.

If you are a new volunteer at Camp Crossroads, before beginning please gather:
- Name, phone number and email address of someone who can serve as a reference.

If you're ready to begin, push "Next" down below. If you're not quite ready push "Cancel" in the upper right corner.

Spelling, punctuation and capitalization are important!

Please use the next and back buttons on the bottom of each page (instead of your internet browser's buttons).
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