Thank you for visiting the Stephen Leacock Museum National Historic Site today!
The City of Orillia, through its Parks, Recreation and Culture Department, is undertaking the development of a Master Plan for this unique attraction.  This Plan will cover all aspects of operations on the site including what happens with the buildings and grounds, the museum, programs and services, special events, the restaurant, and the way the site is managed.
A key input to the development of the plan is to hear from visitors to the site such as yourselves.  This short survey (about 5 minutes) will give you an opportunity to provide us with some valuable feedback.  (If you are a resident of Orillia and have already filled out our community survey, you need not complete this form.)
Thank you in advance for your cooperation!  Should you have any questions about this please do not hesitate to contact me or our consultant who is helping us with this work at the contact numbers below.
Thank you very much!
    Jacqueline Soczka
     Manager of Culture
     City of Orillia
     Parks, Recreation and Culture Department

Or contact our consultant:

    Jon Linton
     TCI Management Consultants