2023-2024 Season

We will be audition string players for the 2023-2024 season in the following categories:
    • You must be in good standing with the Boston Musician's Associations (AFM Local 9-535).
    • Union musicians will be auditioning for our SUB LIST only.
    • You must be enrolled in a Boston area undergraduate program, or
    • a graduate program, or
    • have graduated within (2) years from such a program.
    • Students will be auditioning for a role in the orchestra and a position on our SUB LIST.
    • You must have a passionate love for classical music!
    • Amateurs will be auditioning for a place in our orchestra and on our SUB LIST. Amateur players will only need to prepare the solo works.
Auditions will take place the week of September 11, 2023.

Audition repertoire is posted on the Boston Philharmonic audition website (http://bostonphil.org/about/bpo-auditions).

Complete this survey per the instructions and you will be assigned an audition time in a manner that accommodates the BPO principal musicians.

Please contact our Orchestra Personnel Managers with any questions:

For UNION musicians:
Tony D'Amico (tdamico@bostonphil.org)

For STUDENT and AMATEUR musicians:
Greta Myatieva (gmyatieva@bostonphil.org)

Question Title

* 1. Personal Data

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* 2. What instrument do you play?

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* 3. What type of position are you auditioning for?

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* 4. If you are auditioning for a STUDENT position, please provide the following information about the school you are currently attending or the school you have most recently matriculated from within the past (2) years.

If you are auditioning as an amateur or a union musician you may leave this question blank.

Please Note: If you are accepted into the orchestra for any paid or scholarship position, you will be required to provide proof of your employment eligibility in the United States. If you are not a US citizen, you will need to provide a copy of your alien registration card or passport with an employment authorization form. (This is not necessary at the time of audition, but we cannot pay anyone who has not documented their employment eligibility.)

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* 5. Please list your current and/or recent orchestral involvement:

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* 6. List any important engagements, summer festivals, or other types of programs in which you have participated:

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* 7. Please list any other information that you would like the committee to know about you.

Please click on "Done" below to submit your application. We will contact you to schedule an audition. We look forward to hearing you play and to speaking with you at your audition!